Putting Natural Mouthwashes to the Test……

Dr. Jackson has tried them all and the verdict is in……They are all great alternatives to traditional mouth rinses! Here’s the feedback:

  • Concentrace Mineral Mouthwash by Trace Minerals is alcohol free, non-GMO, gluten free and certified vegan. It has a very pleasant peppermint taste with a slight saltiness due to the trace minerals. Many Americans have a deficiency or imbalance in minerals, and while it states not to swallow the mouth rinse, you will undoubtedly have some mineral absorption via the intraoral tissue. This is also the first mouth rinse that I’ve used that has colloidal silver, and silver is widely known for its antibiotic properties. Silver along with xylitol will help to control pathogenic bacteria in the mouth. Highly recommend this for anyone as a daily mouth rinse.
  • Natures Answer PerioBrite is alcohol free, fluoride-free, contains no artificial preservative/sweeteners, and is soy-free/vegetarian. This is the first mouthwash I’ve used that has CoQ10, which is essential to all tissues within the body, but biopsies of patients with gum disease (periodontal disease) have shown a deficiency in CoQ10. It has an added benefit of folic acid which is critical in the repair and maintenance of gum tissue.  In addition, this mouthwash has many of the essential oils that have been used in dentistry for years, such as clove and eucalyptus oil. I do like this mouthwash because of it ingredients and the “so fresh and so clean” feeling after using it, but it does have much stronger minty flavor than the other two, which I enjoy but others may find too strong (similar to your popular conventional mouth wash). I highly recommend this mouth rinse for those who have gum disease or like that super minty clean feeling.
  • Essential Oxygen Organic Brushing Rinse is USDA organic and non-GMO verified mouthwash that hat no fluoride, alcohol, glycerin, or sodium laurel sulfate. It has a very mild peppermint flavor and gentle foaming action due to the food grade hydrogen peroxide. I like this mouthwash because it contains aloe vera gel which has natural healing properties. This mouth rinse also contains many of essential oils typically used in dentistry but they are organic. I would recommend this mouthwash to anybody who has a history of canker sores or may have some mild intraoral trauma as it may aid in healing.

These recommendations are solely the opinion of Dr. Jackson and in no way should you consider these products as a replacement for routine dental care. Blog posts may contain affiliate links. 

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